In 2022, RMR evaluated the Build Back Better grant, a post-Covid arts recovery scheme, for Kent County Council.

Kent County Council provided grants of up to £5,000 through their Contain Management Outbreak (COMF) fund, for creatives in Kent to ‘Build Back Better’ after Covid. This encouraged old and new audiences safely back into culture, and tackled issues such as digital poverty and isolation.

RMR produced a report containing five key deliverables:

  • Desk review and evaluation of Kent County Council’s application process with qualitative and quantitative feedback from applicants and assessors and our knowledge of best practice.
  • Evaluation of project outcomes against funding aims to show impact.
  • Nuanced recommendations on sector needs based on focus groups, interviews and other qualitative feedback from creatives in Kent.
  • Review of efficacy of current communication with the sector and recommendations based on sector feedback and our expert experience.
  • A suite of eye-catching, easy to read case studies highlighting successes of the grant.

The report included recommendations around the application process, needs of the sector and communicating with creative businesses. Kent County Council have received and read the report, and are using the recommendations to shape future plans.

You can download and read the Report (PDF, 1.3MB).

Below are galleries showing the infographics and case studies featured in the Report.
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Infographics gallery

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