We want to partner with organisations to make evaluations and strategies work better – to help them challenge the norm, ask why, and reimagine the future.

Most often, the outcomes of our work are embedded evaluations, strategy development, reporting or training. In this, we seek to create positive change through innovation, experimentation and play. To do this, we support creative, participatory, collaborative and sustainable practices.

Our role is to listen – to our clients, their audiences and internal teams, and the communities and stakeholders they serve – so that together we can develop effective solutions.

While what we offer is bespoke and tailored to each client, and we are agile and adaptive in how we work, there are a core set of ideas that drive our work.

We believe:

  • People are at the heart of understanding the impact of any programme and supporting change. Human-centred design and iterative methodologies are embedded in our practice.
  • An evaluation is a tool for an organisation to use to understand what it does well or could do better. It is not “done to” but an act of co-creation and is mutually beneficial.
  • It’s not just about the final report. Evaluation is valuable as much for learning and change as for understanding the outcomes. Formative outcome sharing is as important as any summative report.
  • Leaving behind skills is essential so an organisation can better understand what makes for good evaluation, how they can maximise its benefits and do it again successfully in the future.
  • Reports need to clearly speak to multiple audiences – funders, stakeholder, internal teams etc – making the case for a programme through validated analysis and sound data.
  • Success is based on a partnership – a co-owned project where we both learn along the way and can share those learnings with others.

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